Monday, August 6, 2012

Still don't have a library card..week 4 in Atlanta

Let me start off by saying that the libraries here are stupid. I gave them my proof of residency but they are still declining giving me a library card. They say that they are declining me giving me one because I am not a "permanent resident" in Dekalb County. Yet, they have still given other missionaries library cards. Okay, enough venting on that side of things. 

     Leasa did not get baptized this Saturday. Satan was working hard on her through her family and friends. Everywhere she would go she would get anti-mormon literature piled upon her. This was not the first time that this happened though. She has came across it before, and it didn't phase her. This time though she received a packet entitled "10 things the 'Elders' won't tell you." She came on the day of her baptismal interview (the day before her baptism) with the packet. She was crying and so upset about what some of the things were saying. Luckily we were in a members home. His name is Brother Yancey. He was a convert to the church at 21 and his family was completely against it. They piled anti-Mormon literature upon him too. He decided to find answers for himself and ever since he has been finding answers to the hard questions. He is one of the most well educated men I have ever met in Mormon history. He doesn't only study what the Mormon's say, but he studies deeply what the anti-Mormons say. He has started a couple organizations for people that come across anti. So I have to say, we were happy to have him there. 
     The things on the list made Mormons sound like Satan worshipers. It was full of lies, and if there was truth on the list it was taken completely out of context. We answered her questions and made her feel at ease. We reminder her about how she felt in the temple, at church, and with us. We told her that Satan cannot mimic the feeling of peace and happiness, therefore those feelings could only come from God. If we were a false religion, we would be the most false incorrect church on the planet because of the things that we believe. The fact is that Satan is not at the head of this Church. This is The Church of Jesus Christ and it is run by him. His gospel turns people from bad to good, from good to better, and from better to best. A false religion could not do that. Leasa sees it in us, and she sees it in the rest of the members. She says, "Y'all the most peculiar people I have ever met. I need to go to Utah and get some of y'all's water." By the fruits of this Church she knows it is ordained of God, because a good tree would bring forth good fruits. 
     We proceeded with the Baptismal interview and it was determined that the baptism would have to be postponed a week for things that happened looong in her past. She met with our mission president yesterday and talked with him. She came out of the interview teeming with joy, her heart was filled. She was saying, "I passed I passed I passed!" and came over to me and gave me a hug right in front of my mission president. Haha. I had to kind of stop her and say, "I can't do that Leasa. Haha." and then I gave her a little mini hug. We are planning for her to be baptized on Saturday. Keep her in your prayers. 

    This week has been a good week. I am so thankful for all the people back home that care about me. I love hearing from all of you. I am getting to know my area a lot better and getting to know the people in the ward a lot better. I love the people in my ward so much!! Brother Burg (I wrote about him a little while ago) is the best guy ever! If there is one person that I wish that everyone back home could meet it would be him. He came on team ups with us yesterday and he was awesome. He spent practically the whole day with us because his wife and kids were in Wisconsin and he had to stay down here for school. He is the funniest guy ever. He told me some pretty cool stuff about his wife. He says that he dated Connor Oburst (I probably spelled that wrong) from Bright Eyes. He says that he has written quite a few songs about her and that the song "First Day of My Life" is about her baptism. I still don't know if I fully believe him but if it is true, that is the coolest thing ever. I will have to talk to his wife when she gets back. 

    Good news. The lady from the library just came up and said that I could get a library card. She said that I can only have a temporary one for two months, and that I have to pay 15 dollars for it. Stupid government, always trying to take my money. So I will have some more time to write my letters. 

     While on my mission I have met a variety of people. I have seen extremely rich, to poverty poor. Most of the people in my area are suffering greatly from poverty. Some people don't have enough money to pay their electricity bill, or have enough money to keep their air conditioning running. If it wasn't for the Church many of these people would be starving because they can't purchase food. It absolutely breaks my heart. I know now exactly what I want to do with my life, and I am not going to stray from the path. When I return home I am going to devote myself to school and find a way to help people like this through the field that I want to go into. I know exactly what I want for my family, and I know exactly how to obtain it. I know exactly how I want to live my life and I have never been so sure of anything. One big thing is, I am never going to yell at my kids or around my kids (story for another time). 

     Well it is time for me to get going. I love you all and miss you so much. I also miss music. Listen to as much Thrice, Brand New, O'Brother, The Republic of Wolves, Taking Back Sunday, Lydia, Underoath, Saves the Day (their old stuff), and Death Cab for Cutie for me!!! I love you guys and will soon you soon (if 2 years is soon). 

God Be With You Till We Meet Again!! 

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