Thursday, August 9, 2012

Emergency Transfer

I am being transferred today. An Elder in our zone is being sent home today. He has some issues that he needs to work out that can't be taken care of in the field. Because I am in a threesome they are requesting that I take his spot. I am being transferred to Decatur, Atlanta. The Decatur Elders are in our ward, so I know my new companion fairly well. I went on an exchange a couple weeks ago with the Elder that is being sent home, so I have got to explore the area a little bit. It is a very nice area. It is about the size of Salt Lake City and is very "hip" so I should fit right in... ha. We only ride Marta around. So we don't have a car, or bike. So hopefully I'll get pretty fit walking everywhere. I will have a lot more funny pictures due to all the interesting people that use Marta.
     My new companion's name is Elder Rainsdon. He is a very nice guy and is from Texas, unfortunately he does not have an accent. I have had the opportunity to teach their main investigator too. Her name is G Pride and she is an awesome old lady. She is planning to be baptized on the 19th. I am excited to see what God has in store for me in Decatur.
     I am sad that I am being transferred just when I started to feel at home and just when our investigators started to really progress. I know that God has a plan for me. I know the Lord will provide a way for me to get through this, and he wants me to obey. I know that my mission is not about what I want. I am just a tool in the Lord's hands. If he wants me to be a shovel, I'll be a shovel. If he wants me to be a pole, I'll be the best pole I can be (Steven Colbert's new book reference. I am trying to be funny). I am very sad that I won't get to teach Leasa, Hindillo, or Antonio anymore. I love them so much. I know that Elder Heimuli, and Hansen will take care of them though.
     The mission is tough. It is not supposed to be easy. I know that just like heat and pressure turn coal into a diamond. This mission can turn me into an amazing husband, father, priesthood holder, and friend. I must be obedient and not resist when God chooses to put pressure on me to make me stronger. I must take it in and let it mold me into who HE wants me to become. I know that his vision for me is much greater than any vision I have for myself.
My new address is:  419 Rimington Ln.
                              Decatur, GA 30030
If you sent anything to me earlier and I haven't got it yet. My old companions will just give it to me at church. Be sure to send all new mail or packages to the new address I provided.
I love you all!
God Bless,
Elder Ryan Romero

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