Monday, August 20, 2012

Malory Family..I Love Them!

This is the Malory's. Brother Mallory, Sis Mallory and Quice Mallory (she is standing right next to me). 

This family feed one of the sets of missionaries every single week. They do not have a lot of money, or a lot of anything. Yet, they take the time to cook us a full meal every week. I care deeply for this family and their kindness. 

Quice is a very good cook. She went to cullinary school for awhile but had to stop due to funds. She is a chef and a restaurant near by. She always asks what I want on sunday and then she has it ready for me on Thursday. She is so kind and such and really cares about the missionaries. She made probably one of THE BEST DESSERTS EVER. She made me a chocolate lava cake. It was heaven. 

Bro and Sis Mallory are so kind. I love them so much. They are like a family away from home. They care about the missionaries so much because Sis Mallory never had any children that could go on a mission. She says that if she had kids on missions, that she would want what she does for us for them. 

I love them so much.

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