Monday, August 13, 2012

Ive got to be quick today-week 5 Atlanta (Decantur)

 The library in Decatur is very crowded. People are in line to use the computers so I have a very limited amount of time to write this email. I have a lot to say though. 

     Leasa Postell is now a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. It was such a joyous event. I have never seen someone so happy and thankful to be baptized and confirmed a member of this Church. It was such a testament to the cleansing and comforting power of the Holy Ghost. She is a completely different person from the first time we met her to the last time we met her. Being able to be in the circle to confirm her was one of the greatest moments of my life. She was so thankful and happy you could hear it from her during the confirmation. I loved it. I have pictures from the baptism.

Leasa Postell's Baptism

     I want to talk about a lady from my other area that I was very sad that I had to leave. Her name is Sister McWilliams. She is such a great lady. She is a pretty old lady and has been a member of the Church for about 13 years now. She quit smoking when she became a member for 10 years then she had a stroke and wasn't able to drive herself to church anymore and picked the bad habit back  up. We were helping her quit the habit again and get back to Church. She loves the gospel and is such an amazing lady. Haha. She is so cute! (not in a weird creepy way) But she just says the funniest stuff! She says that when she has a mouth full of Life Saver Gummies her temptation to smoke goes away. So we promised to buy her a bunch of Life Saver Gummies. She was very sad when she found out I was getting transferred as so was I. I only met with Sister McWilliams a couple of times but my love grew her faster than anyone I have ever met before. I know that ability to love is part of the atonement that I have been able to attain over the past few months. Also... She has an awesome dog that looks like Rocky so I love going over there to see him. Haha. 
Sister McWilliams
Marta is awesome. If you don't know what it is, it is just like the UTA in Utah. Except, a lot weirder people ride it. Over the past couple days I have been able to ride it a lot and have gotten to talk to many great people. It has really helped me to be able to talk to people and break out of my shell. Last night I met a great lady named Maxene. I hope to meet with her soon. She loved talking with me because I made her laugh. I have never felt like a super funny person, but there are some people that I just feel very comfortable around and I can make them laugh (Isaac LaBleu haha). I am very excited to get to know her and help her come closer to Christ. 

     I am doing pretty well. I am still staying fit, I am studying my heart out, and I am praying my soul out. When you go out on a mission you sacrifice a lot. You sacrifice your family, friends, music, music, and music. You also sacrifice music. Did I mention that you sacrifice music? Yeah, I miss my music. I know that these sacrifices are making me stronger. I want to give up more to show God how dedicated I am. I know that by making sacrificing small things and replacing them with something uplifting we can grow closer to God. I challenge anyone reading this to think about what you can sacrifice and replace with something spiritual. That's my spiritual thought for this letter. 

     Time's up and I've got to go preach the Gospel. I moved my P-Day to Wednesday (Just for this week!) so that I can go to the temple with Elder Hansen for his last time. 

I love you all so much. Remember that you are all children of God who loves you. 

-Elder Ryan Romero. 

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