Monday, July 30, 2012

Week Three in Atlanta...Baptism coming up!

Hello everyone.

     This week has gone fast, just like the prior. I have had some pretty interesting experiences I would like to share with you. Things have been going pretty well here in Atlanta... I have been trying to keep my head and heart up. It is really difficult being away from all of the people that you love so dear. It is difficult being detached from the world and not hearing about anything in the news until you hear by word of mouth. Then again it is sort of a blessing to be away from worldly things. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I know that there are specific people here that need me. I have been trying to keep in shape and running outside my apartment every morning. I am trying to learn piano because that is the only instrument I am allowed to play out here... I am searching the scriptures and words of the prophets. I find comfort in these things. It is very hard for me being away from my loved ones and occasionally hearing from them. So I need to find other things to help comfort me. I need to learn how to rely more on Christ and his atonement.
     Well I will get into the week. I will start out by telling you more about Leesa. Leesa is still planning to get baptized on the 4th of August. She has an amazing testimony of the Church. We have been keeping in close contact with her because we know that Satan will do everything in his power to prevent Leesa from being baptized. She is aware of his power and knows that being baptized is what she needs to do. She got to have a lesson inside the waiting room of the temple. We were unable to be present at this lesson because it is out of our area. Our Ward Mission Leader told us it was full of the spirit and tears. She says that she can not wait for August 4th, 2013 when she will be able to go through the temple for herself. I hope to be able to be there that day when she goes through. I can't wait for Saturday and to see her come up out of the water.
     The next person I will talk about is a man named Hindillo. Hindillo is from Sierra Leon (I don't know if that is how you spell it). He is married to a member of the church. They have known each other since they were little. Their marriage was actually an arranged marriage when they were 14. She moved to America when she was 20 and waited for Hindillo to come to America. Three years ago they were marriage and now have a beautiful daughter. Hindillo's wife (I have no idea how to say her name) is an amazing member of the church. She has been a member since 1998. Hindillo is very interested in the church and wants to become closer to God. He is a very religious man and believes deeply in God. He loves going to church with his wife and has a very strong desire to get baptized. He is learning more about the Church and loves what he is learning so far. He has prayed about what he has learned and is receiving a witness for himself that it is true. He is planning to be baptized on August the 18th. I have great respect for this man and the faith that he has. I have no doubt that Hindillo will become a strong member of this Church.
     That is all the people that I really have time to tell you about. I still don't have a library card... The office was supposed to send me one in the mail and they still haven't. They have a package for me that I still have not gotten... There are new missionaries in the office and I think that they are still learning what to do so things are kind of hectic right now. Be sure to send this USPS when you send to the mission office because they can forward the package or letter to wherever I may be. They cannot do this with other carriers. You can also just send things to my direct address. I will get it quicker that way.
      I met a very interesting man named Max when we were walking around Atlanta. He comes up to us and just starts going off on bible verses and preaching to us. He was a very nice guy and loved us for preaching the gospel. I do not think that he was all the way there though... He began to spill random information (most of it I could not understand). He asked us if we knew how to speak in tongues, and was said no. He said that he knew how to and showed us. He started making baby noises "boo-boo ga-ga" and said that he was speaking in tongues. He said that babies speak in tongues because they have not yet sinned and are perfect (which is true doctrine minus the speaking in tongues part). It was really funny. He told us that library or "libary" as he'd say was full of lies. That is why it is called the li-bary. Haha. Crazy man.

     Well I hope all is well in the lives of whoever is reading this. I don't know if anyone is even reading my letter anymore... But if they are thanks for reading. I hope to hear from whoever is reading this because I love hearing from people back home. I really miss all my family and friends. Well I love you all. Remember that God loves us all and he is good. He know us each by name. He knows our needs and desires. He won't always deliver us from our trials, but he provided us with a savior to help us through them so that we may still learn and grow. Don't forget that.

-Elder Ryan Romero

Elder Romero waiting for MARTA the train system in Atlanta

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