Monday, July 15, 2013

Changes are coming

 Some changes are occuring this transfer. Elder Mcmahan and I are staying together, and in the Lost Mountain Ward. We are switching apartments with the Sisters though. We are in the Southern part of the area and we are in the North. We are going to be moving apartments on Wednesday. The reason for the move is because the Sisters said that they saw "something" and that they don't want to stay there anymore. They lived in a member's basement. They have been staying in the bishop's house since the incident. I don't know for sure if they saw anything. When the bishop went over to the house that night he said that he didn't feel any strange pressence, he felt like the Sisters were kind of just freaking eachother out. That kind of my feeling about it too. However, if the house is haunted then I'm excited. I've always wanted to see a ghost. Haha.
    No baptisms this week. The people that we have scheduled baptisms with this week fell through. We lost contact with Cal for awhile, but just found him a little bit ago. Edythe dropped us... Really hard. He daughter absolutely does not like us around and has stated that, "She does not want her children (Edythe's grandchildren) around influences like us." Her daughter has had some negative experiences in the past with religion. Not the Mormon religion, just religion in general. So she won't let Edyther or her children meet with us while they are living in her home. Very disappointing, but I know God is in control and whatever is suppose to happen will happen.
   On the good side of things we have a great investigator named Courtney. He has come to church the past two weeks and came to the music event that we had yesterday. Oh yeah, the music event, forgot to talk about that. That went extremely well. Elder Mcmahan and I put so much work into this event. It went so well. We got some speakers, guitars, microphones and all this stuff. We had a concert outside the pavillion in the back of the church and had a lot of non-memebers and members there. It was such a great experience. It went so well in fact that the Stake is talking about putting together some sort of event committee to coordinate a weekly activity in the Church geared towards non-members. We are really excited for this.
    We got to go to the temple this week for zone training meeting. I love the temple so much. It is so calm and so peaceful. It was such a breathe of fresh air in the hectic life of a missionary. I am really excited for the future of this mission. I feel like this mission is a character building mission. President Harding and his experience in his work is just so educated in how to make people better. He has taught me so much about goal setting, and commitment keeping. I am so much more confident in my ability to change and become better.
    Well I have got to get going. Not much time left. Here is my new address. 4300 Bristlecone Dr. NW, Marietta GA 30064
Love you all so much.

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