Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaving Home

  I am leaving Dunwoody. I was told that I am going to be the new District Leader in the new area that I am going to. I was also told that I will need a bike. It's an exciting time for me. I feel very ready to leave Dunwoody. Not because I have disliked the area, because I have loved this area, but because I feel that my work here is done. I really feel like I am leaving home for a second time. Yesterday in fast and testimony meeting I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. It was really hard for me to get a word out because I was so overcome with emotion. As I looked at all the members, the Roldan Family, and my favorite investigator Tony I reflected on all the amazing experiences that I have had over the past 30 weeks. I told them that when I first came on my mission I thought that leaving my home and family would be the hardest thing I'd have to do. But I've come to realize that leaving the members, and people you've taught and come to love so dearly is much harder. I know I'll see my family again, but I don't know if I will see some of the people that I've met on my mission again. 
      Sunday was a great day. I got to bless the Sacrament with Brother Roldan and Gerardo. Tony came to church without his girlfriend Jamie, who is a member. So the fact that he came without her showed me a lot. Saying goodbye to the Roldans was hard. I knew that it wasn't really goodbye though. I will see them again. Saying goodbye to Tony was very difficult. I don't know if I have wrote a lot about Tony, so I'll tell you a little about him now. Tony is getting his PHD and Georgia Tech for Chemistry. He is the most intelligent person I have ever taught. He is a genius. I really look up to Tony. He is such a nice guy and extremely focused on the things that really matter. He is constantly finding ways to better himself. We get along so well. We listen to the same music and have a ton of similar tastes in things. We both love logic and reasoning. He has been my favorite investigator to teach because he just gets it. It makes sense to him. Saying goodbye to Tony was the hardest goodbye I had yet on my mission. I care so much about him and really hope that he continues to meet with the missionaries. He would be the best member of the Church. He would be the next Eyring.
Elder Romero and Tony
      We had dinner with The Beavers family last night too. That was a hard goodbye. I love the Beavers so much. Brother Beaver is the coolest guy in the ward and has done so much for me since I have been here. We have had such good times when he has come out with us to teach investigators. He is the best team up because he can make the investigator laugh with one comment and then immediately bring the spirit with another comment. 

      It is strange that I am almost at a year. Time has flown by. I want to write about a dream that I had recently that really had a profound effect on me. In this dream I was home from my mission. I don't remember how long I was home for, or if I was home early, or what. All I knew was that I was no longer on my mission and therefore I could listen to the music that I have missed sooo much. And so I grab my headphones and pop them in and start listening to music. Then I realize, I'm not happy. And I think to myself, "Why am I not happy? I am doing my favorite thing in the world, listening to music." Then I immediately have the thought, "I just want to go back to preaching the gospel. I want to go back on my mission. I was much happier then." And that is the dream. I woke up. That dream made me realize a lot about myself. I realized that people, especially me, usually tell themselves "I'll be happy when...____" Fill in the blank. And sometimes, especially during the rough times, I'll tell myself this. That dream however made me realize that the moments that I have had on my mission truly have been some of the happiest times of my life. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world than sitting in Tony's living room and teaching him the Gospel. Or sitting next to Gerardo in his baptismal clothing. These are the times that I will never forget. 

      Well I love you all so much. Please don't send mail to my old address. Either send it to the mission home or wait till next week when I have my new mailing address. 

-Elder Ryan Romero.

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