Monday, May 27, 2013

Searching for Souls

This week was a pretty good week. Our key indicators were very low, but I still feel like we had a good week. Elder Barraclough and I have been out talking with everyone. It has become so easy for me to talk to people. I feel like I could strike up a conversation with anyone. I have come to really understand my role as a representative for Jesus Christ. I really feel like that when I go knock on people's doors, it is not me knocking, but Jesus Christ giving that person an opportunity to come close to him. It now brings me sorrow rather than anger when someone rejects us on their front doorstep. I know that they don't fully understand who they just slammed the door on, but I do. 
     We had a great lesson the other night with Kita. Kita is the lady that I tracted into with Elder Greene. She is the coolest person that I have ever knocked into. She and I get along so well. She loves to laugh, and I love people that think I am funny. So she is kind and laughs at all my jokes. We went over there with Brother Beaver last night and had a great lesson and had a good time. It was very spiritual though. It was amazing how one minute we could be laughing and the next we could be talking so seriously about Joseph Smith. She says that she will be at Church next week and I am so excited to see her there. It could be my last week in the Dunwoody Ward, so having Kita at church would really be a good way to end my time here. 
     I don't know what God has in store for me next transfer. You never know, he might keep me here. I wouldn't be surprised. I know that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen. I am really going to miss this District if I go. I love each Elder in this District so much and it has been such a privileged to be their leader. This transfer has been so great. As a District we will have 7 baptisms by the end of the transfer. This is very good for the Georgia Atlanta mission. I know that it is because of our increased faith and love for Jesus Christ that has brought these amazing miracles. I am going to miss Elder Armenta so much, he has truly become one of my best friends I've ever had. The time that I have had to get to know him has been some of the best times of my life. We have this little inside joke that he has to name his first child "Ryan Junior" Originally it was just "Ryan" due to his loss of a bet. One day when we were driving he said, "If you can name what Disney movie this song is from, I'll name my first child Ryan." I said, "Alright, you're on." He then says, "Raw Raw Raw Boom Bea, Raw Raw Raw Boom Bea." And I yell, "Aristocats!" He started laughing so hard, and said, "How'd you get that, no one watches that movie!" The "Junior" was added on due to his loss of another bet. He said that if he could get 45 blessings in one week that he didn't have to name his child "Ryan" and I said, "Alright, but if you don't get 45 blessings you have to name him Ryan Junior." Unfortunately for Elder Armenta he got 43 blessings. So close. Haha. We always joke about how I am going to start laughing while he is giving his first child's baby blessing and I am in the circle and he says, "And the name that you will be known by in the records of the Church is Ryan Junior." Haha. I am going to miss all the good times that I have had with the Elders in the District. 

     I have got to get going. I love you all so much and hope to hear from some of you that read this letter. I miss you all so much. 

-Elder Ryan Romero

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