Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So Far So Good

  This has been a wild week. I'll start off with great news. Got in touch with the Roldans again. They are preparing for baptism sometime soon. We asked them to pray about May the 18th tonight for their family home evening. They brought up the idea about baptizing Gerardo this Saturday and having him baptize the rest of the family the following weekend. I can't tell you how amazing this will be if this happens. The Roldans have been being taught for the last three years by the missionaries, and they are so close to the waters of baptism. I love this family so much. I can't stop envisioning their baptism and the joy that each one of them will feel. Teaching the Roldans has been one of the greatest experiences I have had so far on my mission. I am so excited to see what happens. 

      Our area is really moving. We have been talking with everyone and teaching everyone. I have really become a lot more out going and a lot less fearful of talking to random people. Talking about religion isn't a weird thing down here. One of my favorite questions to ask people is, "Are you going to Church?" and they'll usually say, "Yeah, I attend so-and-so's Baptist Church." and I'll say, well "You should come check out our church sometime. We've got an amazing message about Jesus Christ that will change your life." And that usually strikes up a casual conversation about religion. I love asking people right off the bat what they know about The Book of Mormon. In reality it is the greatest news that you could ever tell anyone especially a Christian, "We have another record of Jesus Christ on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Don't you understand that this proves Christianity?" Of course people don't understand that point at first, but The Book of Mormon DOES prove Christianity. The Book of Mormon shouldn't be the greatest news to Mormon's but it should be the greatest news to Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, and every other Christian religion. It proves that Jesus is the Christ, and that we have a Prophet here on Earth today. I think members of the Church, and even most missionaries don't understand how amazing the message is that they posses. If we truly did understand it then we would be talking to everyone about it as the Apostle's did, we would be dedicating our lives to the make sure that this message. I have noticed that as I have studied and as my testimony has grown and the magnitude of this message has sunk into my heart my faith has cast all my fear of talking to people. 
      I am very happy to stay in the Dunwoody Ward another transfer. I love the members here and I feel that they really love me too. I am so glad that I got to stay another transfer and hopefully be here for Beth and the Roldan's baptisms. Please pray for both of them.

      Last week I mentioned Basketball and how we've been playing every P-day. Last P-day a member of our ward named Brother Beaver came and played with us. He is pretty good. The last game we played Brother Beaver and I decided to play the rest of the district. So It was 2 on 6. And we won! Haha. I love basketball. I can't wait to play with my friends again and show them how much better I've gotten. 

      My Parents sent Brother Asper an awesome leather bound copy of The Teachings of The Prophet Lorenzo Snow. He was so touched by their gift. We called him to see if he'd come on a team up and he said that he would then he said, "I have something to show you." He pulled out the book and showed it to me. I had no idea that my parents sent him that book. He handed me the book with tears in his eyes and said, read the letter. I then found out who sent him the book, it was my amazing parents. He then asked my if I would sign his book for him. Brother Asper has given me a couple amazing books as presents and has wrote very kind things in the front of them and has this way cool paper press stamp that says "RJA's Library." Each of the books that he has given me has a note and that stamp. So he asked me to do something similar for him in his new book. It was such a great opportunity for me to really tell Brother Asper how much he means to me and what he has done for me in my life. I am so thankful to have met him. 

     Well I have got to wrap this up. I love you all. 

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