Monday, March 31, 2014

An Incredible Week

      This was a very good week. A lot I have learned this week, and a lot to write about. Unfortunately I have less than 15 minutes to write about it. The library is very crowded today and I doubt that I will be able to get back on after this 15 minutes is up... 

      We had eight of our investigators at Sacrament yesterday. Unfortunately Chelsea was not about to make it this Sunday because she is in New Orleans with her family. But she is coming to a YSA activity tonight at the Greene's home. We had two new investigators come to church this Sunday. Garrett and Chris. We have been teaching Garrett for awhile, but is very hard to schedule an appointment with. He is a very busy guy. He surprised us that Sunday morning by telling us he wanted to come to church. Our other investigator, Chris, we found last week while tracting. Christ is a great guy, he is so awesome. He is twenty-four and just moved here from Ohio. He is very humble and ready to learn. When we picked him up for church yesterday he was going off about how much he loved The Book of Mormon. He has a baptismal date for April 19th. 
      Roger came to church again this Sunday. The ward is really falling in love with Roger. He is such a kind and humble man. Roger's wife is very sick and he told me this Sunday that things aren't looking too good for her. The ward has really been a great support for Roger and he is excited to get baptized on the 12th. If there is one thing that I have come to know for sure from my mission, it is that God loves his children. Roger has so much weight on his shoulders, and it is just incredible to see how the gospel is helping him cope with this difficult time. I love this man and am so happy that we've found him. 
       All of our investigators loved church this week. It was a very good Sunday. The ward members are astounded by how many non-members are starting to come to church. It was really amazing. I can't express how much I love this ward. It seriously brings tears to my eyes. And Annie Barthelus, here's your shout out! Haha. Now you have to bring Kaylin to church along with all of your other non-member friends. Tell your Dad thanks for the tredmill and that I love him so much! Your family is honestly one of my favorite families ever. Your Dad is so full of the spirit I love riding in his BMW and teaching the Gospel with him. Alright, back to the ward. The Snellville ward is incredible. I am making friends here that I know will last me the rest of my life. I really really home that I will finish my mission here. 

       It is the start of my second to last transfer. It just does not even feel real. Tomorrow is the first day of April. Ugh. I am so confused. I registered for my classes this Wednesday. I am very excited to go back to school and meet new people and just have a new start. I am so nervous that I have forgotten all that I've learned in my past engineering classes. I pray that I will be able to just jump right back into everything. The scariest thing for me about coming home is it is now the unknown. Just like coming out on my mission was the unknown because I didn't know what to expect. That is now how I feel about home. I just really hope a can adjust back to normal life. 

       One fun thing I'll write about is living at the Cole's. I love living with this family. They are so nice and so cool. I love all the animals that they have on their farm. I've convinced (it was easy) Sister Cole to get chickens. She was already thinking about getting some, so when I suggested it she jumped right on the idea. When I get home I would really like to be self-reliant. I know it is a far ways away until I will have the space to raise chickens, a goat, and rabbits. But I am looking forward to that day. Sister Cole needs help building a chicken coop, so pretty soon we are going to build one for her. I am very excited about this. She said that we could have all the eggs that we want! This morning I was playing the guitar outside and their cows came right up to the fence and started watching me. It was so funny. When I would stop playing they would start to walk away again. They cracked me up. 

       Well I love you all so much. I have got to wrap up this letter, I am out of time. 

-Elder Ryan Romero 

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