Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Diamond in the Rough

     This week did not start out well, but throughout the week it improved and turned out to be a pretty good week. I have learned so much about myself on my mission. I am so grateful for the members of this ward and the love that they show towards the missionaries. I am thankful for the missionaries in this District. I have realized the best thing to do when things really get hard, is just to work harder and quit worrying about my problems. Sitting there and sulking does not do much, it only makes you more depressed. I can't say that every time I have gotten discouraged that I've shot up and started to work harder, I wish that that was the case… I am not perfect but I am striving to become better. It is through my trials that I have really learned the most about life, myself, and other people. My trials have been the most valuable moments on my mission. I am thankful for them.
     I don't know what to say right now. Sometimes when I sit down at the computer to write out this email I just go blank. I can't believe how quickly time has went by. It feels like yesterday that I was sitting down at this computer writing out an email. It seems like yesterday that I was putting in my mission papers to serve a mission, and now I can't believe that it is almost over. I just cannot believe all that has happened to me in the past twenty months. I just don't feel like I've learned enough, or done enough to be almost finished with my mission. I learn so much every single day. I have learned so much about the Gospel and my Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. 

     Well let me tell you about my week. Like I said, this week started out pretty rough, but we did have some successes. We have gotten to meet with a lot of less-active members of the Ward. Members of the ward that originally were extremely difficult to get an appointment with to sit down in their home. The Ward Council is very happy with the doors that we are getting into and the relationships that we are making with the ward. We had six investigators come to church this Sunday. We had the Reynolds family, ALVIN INCLUDED! And they got a car, so they drove themselves! We had Brother Ellsworth, who sat in sacrament again with his nose drilled inside The Book of Mormon. And DeAngelo, one of Yolanda's sons came again this week. A very good Sunday. 

     We had quite a few great lessons this week. The two I will focus on will be the our lessons with Brother Ellsworth and the Reynolds family. Last week I told you about our lesson with Brother Ellsworth and his consent to read The Book of Mormon. Brother Ellsworth, as I've mentioned before, is a very smart guy. He not religious, and struggles a bit with the concept of faith. The Book of Mormon truly is the keystone of our religion and speaks for itself. Our lesson that we had with him this week after him having read The Book of Mormon was incredible. He is started to understand more and more why The Book of Mormon truly is a miracle. He is started to understand its significance and why we rely on it for the foundation of our testimonies. Brother Ellsworth is one of my favorite people to teach. I LOVE teaching people like him, because they make you stretch and ask questions that you've never asked yourself before. He's asked some of the most interesting and sincere questions that I've ever heard. They aren't ridiculous or antagonistic. Brother Ellsworth has real concerns, and really wants to know the truth. I love people like him. If it was not for this religion, I would probably be in the same shoes as him. I am so excited to visit again with him this week. I forgot to mention how incredible of an experience this is for the whole Ellsworth family, this is a great experience for all of them. 

     Alright, Regina and Alvin. Haha. Oh how I love this family. This week we had a lesson with them about Families in the Plan of Salvation. We took with us one of my favorite members, Brother Barthelus. It was a great discussion. The best part of the lesson was the end, when Alvin said, "Pretty soon I'll have a wife!" Wow that was music to our ears. Saturday night I had a dream that Alvin proposed to Regina and gave her this humongous ring. The diamond looked like an ice cube. Haha. Well that Sunday I chose to be extra observant to Regina's ring finger in Sunday school, and guess what was on it!? A ring! A ring that was not there before, but was a lot more humble than the one in my dream. Haha. It is just a matter of time before they get married and are baptized. I truly feel like it will be very soon, gosh I love them so much. I really hope that I can be here for their wedding and baptism! 

     I love the members of this ward. We went out with President Roberts again this week. He is such a cool guy, I truly feel like he is my friend. I intend in keeping in touch with the members of this ward. I really love this ward. There are so many awesome members of this ward. 

     Well, I have got to get going. I hope that all is well back in the Salt Lake Valley. Love you all. 

-Elder Ryan Romero 

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