Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

 I don't think that there was one day this week that it didn't rain. Continuous rain every day and night. I don't know where it all comes from and where it all goes. I am so sick of rain. I need the sun. Due to the rain Elder Greene and I didn't get to walk around much this week. I am really looking forward to the Summer and being outside again. I really hope that my next area is a bike area or a walking area. I am so much happier in the outdoors rather than in a car. I hear the Spring in Georgia is gorgeous. I am really looking forward to it. 
    To be honest, I have had better weeks on my mission. The missionary work this week wasn't very good. Being on a mission is so difficult sometimes because you take things so personally. When good things don't happen it is really easy to feel like it is because of something that you did. I think in reality it is just God giving us the trial of our faith to see if we will continue to press forward. I am sure that the Saints the same thing during their exoduses out of Ohio and Illinois. It took a lot of faith to get to the Salt Lake. I know that I need to just have faith and I will eventually arrive in my promised land. 
    Beth is doing very well. She comes to Church every week without fail. She keeps all of her commitments and is reading The Book of Mormon. I am very confident that she will make it to her date on April 6th. Just pray Satan won't throw anything her way. Our other investigators aren't doing as well as we would like. Satan is really working on them whether it be through Word of Wisdom issues, Sister in-laws threatening to stop helping with their rent if they continue to meet with us, sickness, or anti-mormon literature given to them through their church.  Satan is very mischievous in the way he works and the things that he does. Our investigators really need all the prayers that the readers of this email can muster up. 

    I really don't have that much time to write today because we gave some Elders in our district a ride to their library and are emailing with them. This Library is much more crowded than the library we normally go to, so there are people waiting for me to finish. I just want to let everyone know that God is good. I want to  share with you one of my new favorite scriptures. Haha, wow. I am realizing that I am starting to sound just like I do with the scriptures as I did with music. "This is my FAVORITE SONG.", "This song is the best it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" Now you could just replace the word song with scripture and that is how I talk. Haha. The scripture is John 16: 33. "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." This scripture is the best, and I have found it to be true. In the world we do have tribulation, that is why the Gospel is so amazing. Because it is not of the World. It is of God, and it is the only way to have true joy. In Jesus Christ we can find peace. 

    I have got to get going now. I love you all so much! 

-Elder Ryan Romero 

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