Monday, December 10, 2012


  Elder Grassley is now back in Springville Utah. His headaches were getting the best of him and the mission doctor said that it would be best if he took care of them back home. I am really going to miss that kid. Him and I got along so well. I hope that they can figure out what is going on with his head so that he can come back out. I really want him to come back out.
     My new companion's name is Elder Armenta. This guy is the best. He is just like my friends back home. He is a short little soccer kid that wears size 7 shoes. Him and I have a ton in common. He knew a couple of my friends from back home. He knew quite a few of the kids on the Murray Soccer team. He was really good with my friend named Andy Christensen. He reminds me a lot of Andy. They are both the kindest kids ever. Elder Armenta is a great teacher, our teaching styles really compliment each other. I can see Elder Armenta becoming my favorite companion. I just hope that in a week in a half one of us doesn't get transferred... I wouldn't be surprised if one of us did.

     This week in my district we've had two emergency transfers. One with Elder Grassley and Elder Armenta. Then another with two other Elders in my district that weren't getting along. It was a crazy week, but a very good week. Elder Armenta and I are really working hard, and the Lord is blessing us immensely. We have great investigators that are really progressing. The ward is really seeming to turn around and love the missionaries again. People are just seeming to pop up left and right for us to teach. This whole area has taken a 360. It went from being an unproductive area to the point that they closed it to one of the most productive areas in the zone! The Lord is just amazing!

     The Roldan Family is really progressing. I see them getting baptized pretty soon. I have so much to say about this family. So many amazing experiences while teaching them to the point that everyone in the room was in tears. There is no doubt in my mind that God answers prayers, because I have been praying hard for this family and he has helped them out so much. I can't wait till my family in friends have the opportunity to meet this amazing family. I don't have much time today to talk about this family, but I want everyone to know that God is working in the hearts of this family.
     I want to talk about two people today. Tony and Kim. They are husband and wife, and they are proof that opposites attract. Kim is the most talkative enthusiastic lady I've ever met, and Tony is the most meek humble quite man I've ever met. Together they create one of the greatest couples I have met so far on my mission. They are both our investigators. To simply put it, they LOVE God and Jesus Christ. They are both very very well read on the Bible, and have been searching deeply for answers to their questions. When we told them about the restoration, Joseph Smith, and The Book of Mormon, it just made sense to them. Kim kept saying, "I keep getting the shivers." And Tony would say, "I have always wondered why... Now I know." Tony and Kim have been truly prepared to receive this Gospel. I have never seen someone so interested in The Book of Mormon as I have seen Tony. When he reads the Book of Mormon, he is IN to it. Goodness, I love them both so much. I wish that everyone reading this could just meet them right now!

     I am realizing more and more what is important in life. Everyday I am out here it becomes more and more clear to me what I want and need for my future and how I am going to get it. I know that everything that I am learning out here is preparing me for something that is going to happen after my two years is up. I just hope that I can learn everything that I am supposed to. I hope that I can become who God expects me to become. I hope that when I am done with my mission that I can continue to grow as much as I have out here. I love my mission, and I love what it is doing to me. I know that going on a mission is the only way that this change could have taken place in my life.

      I hope that all is well back home. I hope that all is well in the world, because I have no idea what is happening in it. I hope all that read this remember who they are, Children of God. I love you all!

-Elder Ryan Romero

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