Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ending the Transfer Strong!

Miracle after miracle this week! Oh my goodness, great things are happening in dynamic Dallas!
      Alright, I'll start off with the first miracle. It happened just last P-day. Last P-day was got to spend some extra time with David and just hang out with him for a little before our P-day ended. Once our P-day ended we went to have dinner with a family in the ward and David came with us! And we had an awesome lesson. After dinner we went back home where one of my favorite members of the ward, Brother George Bush (yes, that is his real name!) was waiting to take us out on a team up. Our plans were to go see this one guy named Daniel that we tracted into the week prior, but I felt like we should go see a couple more people before we go see Daniel. So that's what we did. We drove to the people's homes but unfortunately they weren't home. After about 45 minutes we went to go and see Daniel. He opened the door and says, "Wow, you caught me, I just got home." Coincidence? Doubtful. This was our first time sitting down with Daniel, and let me tell you, he's been prepared by the Lord! Daniel has served two terms in Iraq and now suffers from PTSD. He has things together pretty well though. He is a Catholic but is not too firm in his faith. His faith in God and Christ is struggling a bit after his time in Iraq. We taught Daniel the Restoration and the first thing he says is, "Well yall say you have prophets, can I hear one?" And our reply was, "Well of course you can!" So we pulled up conference on his laptop and threw it up on his big screen and we all had the feeling that we should watch Elder Holland's talk on Depression. Daniel, just one minute into the video, paused it and said, "Oh my gosh, that is exactly what I needed to hear. The Catholic Church just won't say that. They say, 'Well that's just how God made you' and just beat around the bush. But he said it exactly how it needed to be said!" He was astounded. Since that visit Daniel has come and done service with us at this lady's home that needs help, taken us out to lunch, taken a church tour, come to Church, and had us refer his mother to the missionaries in Texas. Daniel is a total miracle and we are so excited about him.
       Miracle number two. This Saturday we had an awesome lesson with David. We had the bishop with us and read one of my favorite chapters out of The Book of Mormon, Alma 42. It explains the Plan of Salvation so well and how God is both a justiceful God and a merciful God. I told David that I really like chapters that teach a lot of doctrine, and this is one of those chapters. We read that chapter and he was just loving every second of it. He was pulling out things from that chapter that I had never thought of before. After we read that chapter I asked David one simple question, "David, did Joseph Smith write this? Or did God?" and he said, "There is no way Joseph could have written this." We then expounded and asked David how he's felt since he's been meeting with us and he said, "I feel warm, especially when we pray." I can't even explain the joy I felt as he answered each one of our questions. We then invited him to be baptized on October 26 and he accepted. He still has a couple more hurdles to get over before he gets there, but I am confident that he will make it. Please pray for David.
      Miracle number three. Both David and Daniel are coming to a devotional that we have this Thursday with Elder Evans from the seventy. The miracle is that Thursday is the only day that David has off from work this week. And he has it off because he took it off in advance. Another coincidence? Nah. David and Daniel are both committed to come to this awesome devotional that is designed for investigators and recent converts. Brother George Bush has already committed to drive us all. I am so excited! It is going to be so much fun. David and Daniel are just complete gifts from God. Please continue to pray for both of them!
      I love the Dallas ward so much. The Bush families, the Kelly family, the Seawell family, Brother Crew, Brother Hoddow, just every single member of this ward is so amazing. I can't even express the love that I have for Brother Crew. His wife isn't even a member and he devotes so much time to help us out. He is serious the best ward mission leader I've ever had. His testimony of the Gospel just shines through all his good works. I love the the Bush families. Miles Bush (Dad), George Bush (Son) and Spencer Bush (Son). All in the same ward. George and Spencer remind me of my family members. They are both electronic loving, apple fanboys. They are so funny and cool. I love spending time with them.
      Random thought that I wanted to throw into my letter. This week I bought a thing of canned beets, because they reminded me of home. Poppi, my grandpa would always eat them. The smell just reminds me of my grandparents home. I was also looking for healthier things to eat so I thought that I might give them a try. Unfortunately Poppi, I still hate beets. They were so gross. Haha. I ate them though. I miss you guys and love you so much!
     I love you all, I hope to hear from whoever reads this over the next week!

District Picture 10/13
-Elder Ryan Romero

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