Monday, September 9, 2013

A Great Week

 Wow, did we work hard this week. Find, teach, baptize. Find, teach, baptize. Geez. Elder Anderson and I must've talked with have the people in Dallas about the restored Gospel this week. It is the first week of the transfer and we've almost filled up half of our potential investigator slots in the back of our planner. So many great experiences this past week. I will try really quick to share as many as I can as quickly as I can.
     I feel like every missionary has there "speciality". I feel like mine is the apostasy and restoration. I could talk about the apostasy and restoration for days on end. I'd have to say that my obsession all started with Brother Asper and his enthusiasm for this topic. He really is a scholar on the subject. I have come to notice, just like I mentioned in my last email, "If you know how to tell our story, then you don't have to argue." Our "story" so to say, is the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel. As I have come to learn how to tell our story in an effective, organized way. There truly is no room whatsoever to argue. It is amazing. As we've studied and studied WHY an apostasy occured, and HOW and WHY the restoration took place. And learned to explain it quickly and effectively to people, then they'll listen. It will make them think.  Even if the people turn me away, there is no way I don't have them thinking by the end of our conversation. Because it is impossible to read The New Testament the same way once you've come to an understanding of the apostasy and restoration. Haha. Gosh, I love teaching. I love this Church. I love our message. I am a fan of the best, and I love talking about the best things. Music, restaurants, movies, tv shows, and sports. I love our Church because it is the best. That is a bold statement, but you can't be scared to say it. It is the best because it is true. You study it, pray about it, and there is no other conclusion that you can come to. It is true.
     This week we've found eleven new people to teach and have four new investigators on date for the 28th to be baptized. Kathy, Kerry, Diane, and Michael. The only one I want to take time to talk about real quick is Michael. This guy is amazing. Elder Anderson and I ran into him while we were finding in this neighborhood. He was just sittin in his garage with his handgun chillin next to him and a rifle on the other side of him. Haha. The South... Michael looks like he is about 16, but he is really 28. The reason for this is he's had a double lung transplant, and a bone marrow transplant. I didn't even know that they could perform lung transplants. He is a walking miracle. This man loves God, because God is keeping him here. He knows a member of our ward. We taught him the Restoration, invited him to be baptized, and he accepted. He is a smart guy and has really got everything together. He spends a lot of time going around to hospitals seeing people who are in very tough medical sittuations to give them support. To show them that there is always hope. He is such a great guy. We are meeting with him again tomorrow night. Pray for Michael!
      This morning we helped an awesome family move. The Crisp family. They are moving to Utah. They are going to be staying in the ward for another three months. I just have to say, I LOVE THIS WARD. Everyone here is amazing and so cool. The Crisp family is awesome. They put there stuff in storage until they move out to Utah in January. They are letting me barrow their tredmill till they leave! They were going to put it in storage, but I just asked if I could barrow it until they leave. They said, "Of course! We'll save room in storage." Haha. This was a heaven sent gift. I am no longer on a bike, which means I won't get as much exercise. I got so fit in Lost Mountain, seriously, I've never been so fit in my life. I don't want to lose that, and that was a big fear of mine coming to a car area. But now I have my own tredmill! Haha. It was so funny, because the people that we live with own a tredmill. And last night I asked the wife if I could use it in the mornings to exercise. And she said (before I could even finish my sentence), "Nope, y'all got to stay in your part of the house." Haha. I can't wait for her to see that one day from me asking her that question, I get my own tredmill. Goodness, I love the Crisps. Haha. My other favorite member is our ward mission leader. Now this man is SOUTHern. And proud of it. His name is Brother Crew. I love this man to death. I could spend my life around this guy and never get tired of his stories. He is a politician here in Dallas. He is probably one of the most well-known people here in Dallas. He helped run Newt Gingrich's campaign. Haha. Him and I have some fun political disscusions (don't tell my mission president haha). He has some great stories and could tell you anything you want to know about the Civil War (or any other war). This guy is my hero. His love for the Georgia Dogs is only second to his love for maybe his wife. He's already given me a Dog's hat. He has four season tickets right behind the Dog's bench. He has me saying, "Go Dogs" after almost everything. Haha. He is awesome.
       I love this ward, I love my area, I love my companion. I love this work. There is nowhere on earth that I would rather be than preaching the true and restored gospel. I never want to stop. Yesterday we were driving down and I stopped the car and turned to Elder Anderson and said, "Elder Anderson, don't you just want to get on the top of buildings and scream the truthfulness of this message? Because that is what I want to do. I want to get on a building and just yell and scream to Dallas that this message is true!" I want the world to know it. I want to write books about it. I want to talk with everyone about it. An apostasy occured, and so did a restoration. What greater news for a Christian than that?
     I love you all so much. Especially my best friend Skella for sending me the coolest package ever!
-Elder Ryan Romero.

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