Monday, August 12, 2013

The stone is rolling

This may be a little short, but I have a couple things that I would like to talk about. I am sorry that my letters are getting shorter and more cut and dry... This is due to the shorter ammount of time that I am trying to spend emailing. Things went pretty well this week. There were a few rough moments, but I won't focus on those. We had a great miracle this week.
      We found an awesome lady named Alessandra, I can't remember if I wrote about her in my past emails. About three weeks, when we switched the area with the sisters, we were looking through our new area book and found her teaching record. We saw that she had come to Church about two months ago and then the missionaries just lost contact with her. So we called her and tried to set something up with her and she said, "Well I work a lot, but can I come to Church on Sunday." Our reply, "Yes!" Sure enough she was there that Sunday and has been every Sunday since. She loves the church and is fitting in so well. She has agreed to be baptized on August 24th. We are so excited for her.
      Courtney and Stephanie and going through a rough time. They weren't able to make it to Church this week unfortunately... Please pray for them all that you can. I hope and pray that they will be able to make it to their baptismal date.
      This week we had to fill in for someone at the family history center. There generally isn't many people at the family history center so Elder McMahan and I had a lot of extra time to spend on and During that time I made a profile. Visit it here I loved writing about my testimony and answering all the Gospel questions. I am pretty long winded on some of them... Haha. But even if no one reads them or gets anything out of my profile that is okay, because I sure got a lot out of it. I have never really taken time to write down how I feel about this Gospel and the Church. Through writing about it I found that I really do have a strong testimony, and that I do know these things to be true. I really enjoyed making that profile and I'd encourage everyone that has not taken time to make one, to make one.
     I love you all so much. I have some pictures for you!

Elder Root, Elder Parker, Elder Romero

President Jewkes, Elder Romero

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