Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Rough Start

This week was definitely a test for Elder Greene and I. I think that he is learning right at the start of his mission that things don't always go as planned in the mission, but I hope that he notices that when someone closes there door on us, God is opening a door for us somewhere else. This week has been full of bad luck. Brother Asper told us, "If you guys didn't have bad luck this week, you wouldn't have had any sort of luck at all!" He was there for us every step of this rocky week lifting our spirits and buying us girl scout cookies.
     This week everyone of our appointments fell through. They either canceled or just weren't there when we would knock. We had promising people bail on their comittments with us. To add on top of all of these people falling through, my iPod got stollen right out of our car while we were in a lesson. It seems like things were just coming at us one after another after another. This week was pretty Grim. At times I seriously felt like just giving up and falling on my knees. Door after door slammed in our faces. It really tested me, and I am sure that it tested Elder Greene. Now I know that this letter may be starting to sound like a downer, but please keep reading. God is good, he loves his children, and I know that he loves me. I knew this doctrine to be true, and I know that God's love will manifest itself in my life in many ways. While everything seems to be going wrong, and the walls on my mission life seemed to be crashing around me. I realized that I just need to change my point of view.
      The thing that has really kept me going was the relationships that I have built here in the Dunwoody ward. The relationship with the Aspers, the Wombles, the Beavers, the Kellers, the Bishop's family, and the Bennett family. I realized as everyone is rejecting me, and how Satan is wanting me to fail. I have a team of people here, back home, and in heaven rooting me on and wanting me to succeed. The Aspers, I can't even describe to you how much I love this family. My heart is filled with love everytime I step foot in their home. I know that my relationship with Brother and Sister Asper will last till the day we day and long after that. They are my parents in Georgia. When these members noticed how tough of a week that we were having they really stepped in and picked us back up. God's love for me manifested itself through the saints of his church.
      This letter I don't want to go into too much detail about the details of this week, because I pretty much covered everything that has happened. Although, I do want to tell you that I know without of a shadow of a doubt that this Church is true. Even if I leave this area without baptizing a soul, I will leave this area with a stronger testimony of the truthfullness of this restored Gospel than I've ever had before. This Church is true, and I am going to do all that I can to proclaim the truthfullness of this Gospel to the world. I have learned so much from the members of this ward and from my own personal studies that this Church is in fact the Church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth. More importantly I have had the spirit wittness to me that it is.
       I have learned so much on my mission, and I have room to learn so much more. Every day I learn something new. I am so excited for tomorrow and for what I going to learn from the scriptures. They are an endless source of knowledge. They are so true, and we need to read them.
       Well I hope that everyone back home had a good week. I hope to hear from anyone that reads this soon! I love you all so much and miss you all so much.
-Elder Ryan Romero

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