Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MTC...Good-bye Ry Guy...Hello Elder Romero

We got up this morning and helped Ryan pack up his stuff. He bought two 30 inch suit cases and they were pretty much filled! He shouldn't have had me help pack. I always think more is better. He'll probably have to leave things along the way. He'll find out what is most important and get rid of the rest.

We made a mad rush to get a few last minute things, like a few more shirts and then headed to Provo. We managed to get lunch in at Sensuous Sandwich, a favorite sandwich shop of Greg and I. We had promised to take Matt there on his way to the MTC, and due to traffic, we didn't get to stop.

 Ryan eating at Sensuous Sandwich

We pulled into the MTC and saw the sidewalk lined with "host" Elders who were welcoming in the new missionaries. Ryan had just mentioned that one of his friends was escorted by another of their friends, and how cool that was. Just then he looked out and saw that his "host" Elder was someone he knew well and had been in classes with at BYU. He seemed at ease to leave and have a familiar face helping him get adjusted. We hugged, and bid him farewell. It was a nice day. As he walked away I felt really happy for him, and excited for his new adventure.

Saying Good bye at the MTC

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